Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lavinia's In Center Harbor Is Permanently Closed

Sadly, another restaurant has bitten the dust this time in Center Harbor. Lavinia's has permanently closed.

Ironically, we had driven through Center Harbor this past Sunday and remembered the pleasant experience we had at Lavinia's a few years ago thinking that we should visit again. A bit later I went on Open Table to make a reservation and much to my surprise there was a notice indicating that they were closed. Their phone number is out of service and whatever they had for a Facebook Page has disappeared although the website was still up.

We also called the nearby Bay Restaurant. They did confirm that Lavinia's was out of business and had closed a few weeks ago.

For anyone who has been to the area, the restaurant was hidden off the main road in a historical old building. Unfortunately for them, potential customers wouldn't even known they existed driving into town unless they were aware of their location beforehand.