Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our Favorite Steak Places in NH and Northern MA

While speaking with a friend recently about great steaks in the Granite State, it got me thinking about our favorite dinner selections.

The best I ever had-believe it or not-was when we visited Maui, Hawaii and stopped in at a small local hangout that specialized in sushi. This was a long time ago but if memory serves this was called Sansei. Since raw fish wasn't my bag I ordered a Kobe beef steak not expecting much. The meat was so tender that you could slice through all the way with a fork. Alas, I have never found anything close but continue to search for that same experience when dining out.

In terms of marketing we have seen it all. One of the best was at Barclay Prime in Philadelphia where they would bring out a wooden case a la James Bond style and let you pick out your steak knife. There was another one that presented several cuts of meat on a tray prior to ordering and you pick your choice.

In addition to great beef, NH Reviews looks for the following when evaluating; exceptional service, white tablecloths, crumbing of the table (an art that few people do anymore), big soft comfortable chairs/seating, tip top bar service including the ability to make an amazing martini and it helps if they have fantastic desserts.

Unfortunately, the numbers of great places for steak is relatively small. We need more so if there are any restauranteurs reading this post what are you waiting for, starting building. With that said here is a small list of some of our favorites.
  1. Hanover Street Chophouse, Manchester. If we had to recommend one above all others in NH this is it.
  2. Buckley's Great Steaks, Merrimack. Another one for meat eaters to check out.
  3. Wellington Room, Portsmouth. Great choice if you like beef Wellington.
  4. The Bancroft, Burlington, MA. They have several beef options for you to choose from.
  5. Capital Grille, Burlington, MA. A chain they may be but these guys know steak which is shown be their success.

Hanover Street Chophouse

149 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03101

(603) 644-2467


Buckley's Great Steaks

438 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, NH 03054

603) 424-0995


Wellington Room

67 Bow Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

(603) 431-2989


The Bancroft

15 3rd Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803

(781) 221-2100


The Capital Grille

10 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803

(781) 505-4130