Thursday, November 16, 2017

Check Out The New State Online Portal For NH Restaurant Inspections

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has developed and released an online portal allowing access to restaurant inspection results. Their new system includes most of the towns in the state.

NH Reviews tested this out and, to their credit, it seems easy to use. You can search by town, name of restaurant and zip code. For example, if you enter "Henniker" the system pulls up all the results for organizations that serve any type of food to the public in that town. Once in, click on the details for a specific business that are populated with data since January of 2017. On the right hand side they let you know if there have been any violations and then provide a detailed explanation below for each. These are color coded with green, yellow or red to help identify what happened at the time of inspection.

There are 15 self-inspecting towns that handle their own and have a health officer. The town of Epsom had previously been one of them but are no longer on the list. On this NH Reviews refers you to a post from 2012 where we listed the towns and provided information on the availability of inspection results.

The development of this tool must have been at considerable expense and time for the state. Although this took longer than we had hoped, the results are impressive and a job well done for those who were involved. Now, the most important part is for everyone to start using the online portal. Let's show that this effort was not wasted. Please go out and try using this tool as soon as you can. We also need to get the word out on the availability so tell all your friends and share this post.

NH Reviews would also recommend visiting their overview of food service inspections that goes into much more detail about the inspection process that was only briefly described above.

Online Portal Access

List of of self-inspecting towns including contact information for health officer.