Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Contoocook Resident Follows Dream With Old Guy Can Cook Food Truck

For Contoocook resident Darryl Peasley, his new food truck is about pursuing a dream and a necessity for his future. With The Old Guy Can Cook, he is bringing these together into a business.

Darryl has been working for the state in a heavy labor capacity for many years. After two heart attacks and nearing retirement, he knew that an alternative lifestyle was needed for his long-term survival. Something easier and less stressful would be his ticket to happiness and a long life.

What would that be? He had always loved to cook and ran Casual Catering for many years. But the fees were high so this would not be an option. Then, thinking about his Native American Heritage, an idea was born. Having attended many of the Pow Wows, he noticed that the organizers did not have the resources to provide the grub for the feast that was needed and in this Darryl saw an opportunity. During the summer, there is at least one a month in New Hampshire and sometimes every weekend. He would build a fully equipped trailer to bring his Native American food to the Pow Wows wherever they were located.

Mr. Peasley would not skimp on the tools of the trade and has put together a fully functioning rolling kitchen with a commercial oven, 6 burner stove, large fryolator, and a mixer. To try out his theory, Darryl launched his business earlier this year at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner. They had a Pow Wow and the event was a huge success for him. Testing out the food as well, he offered a Native American taco. For this, a simple fried dough was used and stuffed with BBQ buffalo or spicy hamburger meat.

With the summer season over for 2018, he is looking forward to doing much more in the new year to include attending many more NH Pow Wows. In addition, they may branch out to other events and new menu items. For example, Darryl’s wife Mary has a few Italian food ideas such as a real stuffed calzone and possibly a meatball sub. The sky is the limit and they are open to feedback and suggestions.

Let’s support Darryl and help him get the word out on his new business. He needs this to work out for his own health and well being. Look for The Old Guy Can Cook at Granite State Pow Wows in 2019 where the general public is welcome. The Wondering Bull provides a schedule of these events. And don’t be surprised if you see their trailer someplace else in your travels and please stop by and give them a try.