Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nashua Ruby Tuesday Shuttered, Heritage In Derry Closed

There is never much talk about restaurants that have closed. We are always more excited about the next newest dining establishment. With that said, the failure rate is high. Trying to understand what went wrong can help those who are looking to open a food business so the same mistakes can be avoided.

Earlier this year, Ruby Tuesday had announced the closure of a bunch of their restaurants. This included their Nashua location. They tried to blame millennials and an overall trend of fewer people dining out but we have a different reason on our end. Several years ago, I was with a group of four that had dinner in Nashua at Ruby Tuesday. You will have to forgive me as I don’t remember all of the details but the food was of poor quality. My niece commented that her burger “tasted funny” and my mother-in-law kept poking at her dinner with a fork barely eating any of the entree. NH Reviews has never been back and their problems we believe were due more to poor quality food than anything else.

Another one from earlier this year, the Heritage Restaurant in Derry is closed. They had attempted to bring life back to the empty space on Broadway where How’s Your Onion failed. Unfortunately, things did not work out for them either. Parking is a nightmare with very few spaces jammed into a small lot. We had visited once and in talking with the owner at the time, he did not seem that concerned.

The food was fine but this is one of those weird spots that are easy to miss for drivers passing through town next to a garage. The thinking here is that they were busy when first opening but after the hoopla died down and during this past summer customers were few and far between. The other problem is there are many other restaurants nearby that we prefer including Derry Pizza and Luciano’s. Competition for customers in this area is fierce. NH Reviews only went that one time and although aware of Heritage they were never our first choice. We hope the owner tries again in another location.

In conclusion, take all the time you need to make a smart decision. Do your due diligence to ensure the best possible fit for your concept.