Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Lowest Restaurant Inspection Scores In Manchester

The City of Manchester Health Department posts their restaurant inspection scores on a regular basis which are available for public viewing.  NH Reviews thought you might be interested to know the lowest scores for the most recent month ending on September 30th.  

This is based on a 100 number with critical violations deducted and points taken away based on the severity of the infraction.  If a particular dining establishment has a final score of 69 or less then they have failed the inspection.  These require a second inspection within 48 hours that is shown below the initial one.    We are only mentioning the three that fell into this category.  

On 9/24, an inspection was done at Rita Super Market, 422 Belmont Street.  Seven critical violations were found and they received a score of 56.  The health department went back on 9/26 where 4 critical violations were observed and they improved to a number of 75.

Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse, 1050 Bicentennial Drive was visited on 9/13 and 10 critical violations were observed for a score of 59.   They returned on 9/14 and their score increased to 86 with 3 critical violations. 

And lastly,  Vintage Pizzeria, 241 Candia  Road where an inspection was done on 9/5 and 6 critical violations were noted for a score of 68.  After returning on 9/6 there was 1 critical violation seen and a score of 85.

For additional information including a list of all of the inspections, the details of the violations, and the process that the health department uses, please visit their website.  These are listed from most recent near the top and in PDF format.