Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rita’s Mexican Restaurant Coming Soon To Hampstead

A new dining establishment is opening in Hampstead.   Rita’s Mexican Restaurant is coming soon.  

This is going to be at the Hampstead Village Station on Emerson Avenue - off of Route 111.   There is an Exxon Station and a State of New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet in the same shopping center. 

NH Reviews tried to look inside to give you more detail but with brown paper on the windows, there was not much too see.  That said,  we understand that the process of getting the space ready is underway with an opening date of early December.    As always, please remember that this is only an estimate and may take longer depending on how quickly everything progresses. 

On the surface, there are some positives to the location.  No other Mexican restaurants nearby so they get all of those customers with little competition. There was a prior place called Little Mexico but they are gone.  Route 111 seems to be heavily traveled and hopefully, some of those passers-by can be enticed to stop in for a bite.   They will need the support of the local community and repeat customers in a smaller population area are important. 

Their address is 416 Emerson Avenue, Unit 5, Hampstead, NH  03826