Thursday, October 18, 2018

Renegades Pub North To Open In Londonderry

A new restaurant is opening in Londonderry,   Renegades Pub North is on the way.

According to our source, the owners signed a long term lease for the new space.  This is the same team that owns Wrap City for anyone familiar with the company.  

The dining establishment is expected to be similar to the Renegades Pub in Boston with some minor differences due to the size.  The menu would include burgers and craft beer.  

We did take a look inside and the appearance of some type of renovation is visible. Ladders and shelves can be seen and out back is a large trash bin. 

Best guess our contact was thinking the timing of opening might be in a couple of months.  NH Reviews wishes them success with their new venture. 

This is the old space of the now out of business Cafe Theresa. NH reviews had visited the restaurant in the past but more recently seemed to be going downhill. Ultimately, we were not surprised to see them close.

The location is at 103 Nashua Road next to a Domino’s Pizza.