Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mian Noodle Bar On The Way In Kittery, Maine

NH Reviews spends a lot of time in Maine and we happened to be in Portland over a recent weekend. Bored with driving on Interstate 95, I decided to take Route 1 all the way back to Portsmouth.

Passing through Kittery later in the day on the left side, there is a mixed-use property under development, Landmark Hill Square at 518 US Route 1 where several businesses are in the works or already open. These projects are becoming very popular and this one includes condominiums. More importantly for us, there was a restaurant space available on the left side for many months. This remained the same until our last trip, something had changed. NH Reviews turned around for a closer look.

From what we could see, there is definitely a renovation and construction is underway. A large yellow garbage box outside is filling up with the remnants of the former interior. That said, this is a long way from completion. What would this become when finished?

According to a source, we can all look forward to the Mian Noodle Bar. The two owners are planning a 40 seat small restaurant offering noodle soup and dim sum. They hope to open sometime in the spring. NH Reviews wishes them much success and profitability with their new venture.