Thursday, January 10, 2019

Federals Cafe To Open In Concord

Word on the street is that a new restaurant is opening in Concord, Federals Cafe is coming soon. We understand that they hope to open in late January or early February. 

This is the same space as the now out of business Pleasant Street Grill. You may remember that we made a post back in September about the Grill. They did apparently open for a short time and then on November 25th there was an announcement on their Facebook Page that they had closed for good. The owner had only just started but now it is someone else’s turn to try and bring a successful dining establishment to this location.

The cafe will serve breakfast and lunch.  They are affiliated with Whiskey and Wine at 148 North Main Street also in Concord. 

The location is 62 Pleasant Street in Concord across from the Federal Court. This was best known for the old Remi’s Place Pizza and Restaurant that had operated at the site for many years and closed back in 2014. The structures in and around this area have been renovated and updated.