Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pincanha's Brazilian Grill To Replace Gauchos In Nashua

The sign still remains at the former Gauchos on Elm Street in Nashua that is out of business. This was their attempt to expand on an original steak concept that started with their first location in Manchester but unfortunately ended poorly here. Now, everything is about to change because Pincanha's Brazilian Grill is moving into their old space.

The menu is still under development but expect to see Brazilian specialties similar to those that were found at Gauchos. These might include Linguica that is a slow roasted pork sausage and for dessert, Pudim, a caramel flan. The dining establishment will be family style. Meats are brought out on skewers to the side of the table and then sliced based on the tables preferences.

Their address is 6 Elm Street in Nashua. This is behind and to the left of flower shop Fortin Gage. Additionally, there is a parking garage across the street from the front of what will become the new restaurant. Their name comes from a cut of meat that is popular in Brazil called Pincanha.

A paper sign on the front door indicated that a new Brazilian restaurant was opening here in January. This is going to take longer than they expected with the latest estimate by the end of February.