Thursday, January 17, 2019

Five Guys Burgers Hoping To Open In Salem

With nine NH locations under their belt, Five Guys Burgers has done very well in the Granite State. Their growth plans continue with the latest talk in Salem.

According to the town planning board, the company would like to build a 60 seat restaurant at the Funhouse Plaza Site at 291-297 on South Broadway. This was on the agenda for a recently scheduled public hearing on the subject.

For our part, NH Reviews supports their growth plans. Five Guys has a simple quality formula that they have not deviated from because it works. We are regular visitors and think their burgers and fries are the best. In fact, I recently indulged in a bacon double cheeseburger and fries and enjoyed every morsel! Also, hot dog lovers rejoice as you can find them on the menu too.

For everyone in Salem who has never been to a Five Guys, the time is now to bring their burgers to town. Let’s get behind the effort to expand.