Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Boone’s Thai Kitchen To Open In Epping

Epping is getting a new restaurant, Boone’s Thai Kitchen is starting business operations soon.

We believe that they are opening at 27 Fresh River Road. The dining establishment will be in a small shopping center called Epping Crossing. Located just off of Route 101, take exit 7 and head north on 125. Shortly after turning, look to the right and you should see a large sign for Epping Crossing. Turn right and shortly after take another quick right where the parking area is for the new restaurant. They are down on the left side of the plaza. Alternatively, plug the address into your GPS if you don’t trust a New Englanders directions.

This appears to be a smart move by the owner. The options in Epping are few for Thai food fans unless you want to drive out of town to Exeter or Manchester. In fact, NH Reviews is not aware of any in the area leaving all the customers hungry for this type of cuisine ready for a local option such as Boone’s Thai Kitchen.

More specific details on this one were limited with very little information available online. Looking inside the space, work did not appear to be complete and our best guess is at least a month or so on timing.