Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Identity Coffee Lab Is On The Way In Rindge

Every college town needs a great place for coffee. Rindge is no different and now students from Franklin Pierce University will be able to find a decent cup of Joe. There is good news on the horizon because Identity Coffee Lab is coming soon.

NH Reviews spoke to one of the owners who chose to remain anonymous. He has a passion for coffee and also noticed that there were no specialty coffee shops in the area to meet the needs of the local market. With that in mind, Identity Coffee Lab was set into motion.

The company will use 4 multi-roasters from around the country to provide their customers with the best coffee experience. Cold brew is also expected to be available. They plan to provide some food options but are still working out the details.

In order to pursue their dream an ideal location had to be found. At 1090 NH Route 119 there is a renovated building which houses Triumph Interiors and Kids Clothing. Go to the very end of the bay and that is where Identity Coffee Lab has found a home. They hope to open sometime in April.