Sunday, February 17, 2019

Tostao’s Tapas - Bar Coming Soon To Nashua

NH Reviews does our best to try and provide you with the most relevant restaurant information.  We want our readers to be the first to know about the next hottest dining establishment.

With that in mind, a new restaurant is opening in Nashua under the name Tostao’s Tapas - Bar. Their location is 170 Main Street.   They will be next to Faye’s Fine Cabinetry to the left at the corner space of a large building.

The front is papered over so it is difficult to determine where they are in terms of renovation. We are thinking the proprietors are only at the beginning stages so this could take awhile.

In terms of the Nashua dining scene,  we would like to see a few more places to eat out. There are some good ones already such as Surf and MT’s Local.  For tapas, the options in the area are minimal although Stella Blu is right down the street.  In our opinion,  there is room for at least one more in this large city which is where Tostao’s hopes to fit in downtown.

There was no word on a specific opening date.  NH Reviews will provide more information when available.   We wish them well with their new business.