Thursday, May 9, 2019

Shaking Crab Coming Soon To Goffstown

The Shaking Crab is planning to open in the Granite State, they are coming soon to Goffstown.

The company that started in 2015 has grown to 10 Northeastern US locations.  The idea for the concept began when 1 of the 2 owners returned to Boston from a visit to California.  His top meal on the trip was a crab boil and they hatched a plan using that as a focus and opened their first restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts.

After testing and sampling many different options in the early days of development, the principals put their own spin on the concept. First, you pick seafood such as crab, shrimp, lobster, crawfish, clams or mussels. Then, choose one of their several special garlic sauces and finally the add-ons of corn, sausage, potato or quail egg.   The foods are poached and dumped into a big plastic bag where your favorite sauce is added at the end.  Open the bag at the table and enjoy.

The eating process can get a bit messy so they provide bibs and plastic gloves.  Use your hands, you definitely don’t want to miss a drop.

The Shaking Crab will be located at 649 Mast Road in Goffstown. They hope to open sometime this summer depending on inspections.