Thursday, May 30, 2019

V’s Sandwich To Bring Banh Mi To Tilton

Our experience with dining out in Tilton over the years has been minimal. We had a disappointing experience once at Onions Pub and did enjoy a visit for breakfast to Pauli’s Bakery & Restaurant but that is all in downtown.  There is a new place on the horizon that may give us another reason to head north of Concord.

At 285 Main Street, work is underway to bring V’s Sandwich into existence.   Their sign is up along with a coming soon notice on the outside.

They will be no ordinary restaurant focusing on the specialty of Banh Mi. These Vietnamese sandwiches are sliced baguettes that are filled with pickled vegetables, meat, and spices.  The ingredients can vary widely and are usually layered inside.  

In terms of competition, we think it is a safe bet to say that no one else in the area is providing this type of cuisine.  Portsmouth has Nikki’s Banh Mi with Lebanon offering Phnom Penh Sandwich Station and Nashua  Saigon Sandwich.  There are probably some others but the point is that at least in Tilton, V’s Sandwich is going to be the only option for many many miles.

We wish V’s Sandwich well in their quest to bring Banh Mi to Tilton.