Tuesday, June 4, 2019

After delays Dixie Blues Still Planning To Open In Manchester

It seems like an eternity since Dixie Blues was supposed to start serving customers in Manchester.  After many delays, the good news is they are still planning to open.

Going way back to 2016, talk began to bubble up about Dixie Blues opening on Elm Street.  News outlets quickly jumped onboard and everyone was looking forward to trying this exciting new restaurant.  After days turned into months and then years, nothing happened. 

NH Reviews decided to check in to find out about the current status of the restaurant.   We took a ride by and on the right-hand side of the building at 930 Elm Street they do have a sign up with the dining establishment’s name.  Based on that, the evidence seemed to suggest that they are still opening.  

To confirm, we called the Dixie Blues in Nashua at 345 Amherst Street and were told that they are still hopeful to open later this year.  The best estimate is a couple of months out or towards the end of summer.  Although similar, Manchester is expected to be a little more upscale than Nashua in terms of the menu to mesh with their downtown location.

Delays in restaurant construction are not uncommon.  Adding to the difficulty in this case was the space on Elm Street, formerly the Ted Herbert Music School, had to be totally renovated to fit their concept. Compare that to their Nashua spot, where the owners quickly opened after moving into the old Tilted Kilt location, a much easier process because it was already set up for a food business. 

Obviously, the construction took a lot longer than anyone thought.   It has been an arduous journey that appears to be near an endpoint. We all hope to see a successful conclusion soon and a brand new Dixie Blues for everyone to enjoy.