Thursday, June 6, 2019

Bacon Me Crazy Coming Soon To Hinsdale

In the southwest corner of the state, we just found out about a new restaurant with a catchy name, Bacon Me Crazy is on the way in Hinsdale.

Since I love bacon, anything with that in the title catches my attention. Memories of biting into a Baconator hamburger at Wendy's dance in my head with its 6 strips on top wondering what these guys might offer up to give me that same delightful taste.

They are taking over the space of the old Smitty's Restaurant and Pizza. It is our understanding that the business will be full service with breakfast and lunch including some non-bacon menu items.

Personally, I hope they do some thick cut bacon just like you can get at Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill.  We usually order an additional side that is expensive but worth every penny.  And then there is the Bacon Barn in Londonderry that has similar options.

If the food is as good as their name,  Bacon Me Crazy should do just fine. To find them,  all you have to do is head for Hinsdale and look for 6 Main Street.  They will be located on the right-hand side in a small block of businesses.