Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New Owner Plans Changes At Town Tavern In Hudson

The Town Tavern has been sold to a new owner and is about to undergo some changes to their brand.  Let’s take a look at what is in store for their current and potentially new customers.  

According to Director of Restaurant Operations, Anthony Cormier, they are revamping the menu to creative cuisine that will include some new choices and different ingredients.  Additionally, you can look forward to a new wine list, craft cocktails, and new beer options.  

Anthony brings many years of restaurant experience and for fans of 
The Black Forest Cafe, he holds the same position there.  Jeff Abbott is the Director of Kitchen Operations and is also the Kitchen Manager at The Black Forest Cafe (Do you notice a trend here) who along with their Chef Wellington, are tasked with making the new concept a reality. 

Patrons should start seeing the new adult beverages in a couple of weeks.  The menu redo may hopefully be available in a month or so and is currently under development.

Town Tavern had originally opened early in 2018 after replacing Valentino’s that had been in the space since 2012.  NH Reviews is looking forward to trying their new version of the restaurant.