Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pig Tale Closed Before License Suspension By Nashua Environmental Health

The closure of the Pig Tale Restaurant on Amherst Street in Nashua has been relatively unnoticed.  After hearing that the general public had questions about the circumstances,  NH Reviews decided to check into the matter in more detail.

A rumor was circulating that Nashua Environmental Health was involved and this appears to be true.  It is our understanding that Pig Tale made a decision to temporarily close a few days prior to a license suspension by the department.  In order to reopen, they would need to enter into a compliance agreement with them.  

We do not know the reason for the suspension and attempted to contact the restaurant for more information.  A call to their number answered back with an out of service message so no help here. Next, we dropped by the location to evaluate the scene and let’s just say it did not look good for Pig Tale.

On the front door, a yellow notice stares back at you from the Nashua Environmental Health.

A date shown of May 21st is of particular interest because Pig Tale indicates on their Facebook Page, that they closed for renovation and construction on May19th, 2 days prior to the date shown and confirming what we had heard.

Inside, everything was dark with chairs up on tables.   Peering down through the glass locked doors in front, there were bunches of white unopened envelopes scattered all over the place.  They had received a lot of mail but no one was there to receive it.

The restaurant had started service to much fanfare in 2015.  Packed houses were the norm with Chef and Owner Robert Jean at the helm.  Sadly,  in March of 2018 he passed away and we do not know who took over the restaurant.

Perhaps Pig Tale can reach a compliance agreement with the Nashua Environmental Health Department.  Unfortunately, from what we saw, the future does not look bright for the business.