Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lucciano’s Is Moving To The Apple Tree Mall In Londonderry

Exciting news from one of our favorite Italian restaurants that was just shared this morning, Lucciano’s in Londonderry is moving into new digs.

They are branching out from 52 Gilcreast Road to the Apple Tree Mall next to Shaw's. Compared to their current space, the new spot will be a much larger size at about 4,500 square feet.  Once complete, seating is expected to double along with the addition of a bigger bar and an upgraded atmosphere. 

It is our understanding that the menu we all love will remain the same.  Something new involving cake is in the works but the details have not been announced.  Their baked goods are fantastic with the Chocolate Mousse cake at the top of our list.  Perhaps they are going to add some type of small in-house bakery cafe. 

NH Reviews believes this is a smart change by the owners.  The Gilcreast location was known by locals but for anyone else just driving through town, it was difficult to find them. The business is competing with several other nearby dining establishments for customers and to consider visiting potential patrons need to know the restaurant exists.

Lucciano’s is planning to start service in the new space on September 1st depending on how the construction progresses. They may need to close their current location for a couple of weeks to allow time for a transition into the renovated unit prior to opening.