Thursday, August 29, 2019

Concord Derry Queen Planning To Reopen

Remember the Concord Derry Queen that closed earlier this year.  There is good news on the horizon because they are planning to reopen.

Riding past recently on Loudon Road there was a new notice on the sign out front.

“Grand Reopen Oct!”

Who is taking over the restaurant?  It might be the Laconia Dairy Queen. They recently made an announcement about potentially opening a store in the Concord area and hiring for all positions.   It makes sense unless they want to start from scratch and build an entirely new dining establishment.

Make no mistake, restarting service here is going to take some time.  The drive-thru is a mess, staff training to complete, and a host of other tasks to check-off before reopening will be possible.

Our take on Dairy Queen is that the brand could use some improvement. Their soft serve is okay but they always seem to skimp on candy in their mixes.    That said, we are still occasional visitors with the Peanut Buster Parfait our most ordered item.

The mystery of the closure remains unanswered.  For their fans most probably don’t care. They just want the restaurant to reopen as quickly as possible.   Communication on the status is the key and so far since the doors closed that has been poor.