Monday, September 2, 2019

Bradford Junction Restaurant Hoping To Reopen

The rumor mill is in full gear regarding a potential reopening of Bradford Junction at 2370 NH-114 in Bradford.  Per usual,  we decided to investigate to find out if this was true.

An initial phone call is normally the easiest but that came back disconnected so a drive there was going to be the only way.  When NH Reviews arrived nothing appeared different so a closer look was needed.

Looking around,  there was the slight appearance of a renovation more noticeable in the back.  The ramp and surrounding wood seemed new with the smell of fresh polish in the air like it had just been painted.  At the top, we could see a big table with what looked like wood dust visible nearby. Inside, there was a ladder and a paint can visible.

During our visit a truck stopped by and we spoke to the driver briefly.  The person said that he knew the owner and she is planning to reopen but it is going to be awhile.  With that, NH Reviews believes that these rumors are most likely true.

A loyal fan base is excited with anticipation for their beloved Bradford Junction to restart service.   On our end,  a renovation appears to be happening very slowly and thinking a possible reopening would be later rather than sooner.