Friday, August 16, 2019

Salem Nutrition Proposes Smoothie Cafe In Salem

Restaurants focused on healthy beverages and foods seem to be all the rage these days and their growth continues in the state. First, there was The Juice Bar In Derry followed by Troy’s Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar in Londonderry.  Now,  a business under the name of Salem Nutrition hopes to bring something similar to town with a smoothie cafe.

Before moving forward, they would need the blessing of the Salem planning board for the site at 223 North Broadway.  You see, the business would require 56 spaces but they only have 48 so a permit is needed to allow them to move forward with the project.   It is our understanding that their site plan was given conditional approval with 6 items that need to be completed.

The company provides their customers with health-related products, smoothies, and teas.   The dining establishment would have seating for 18 patrons. Their busiest hours are expected to be in the morning with short visits the norm.

When can residents walk through the doors?   Contingent upon finishing up the conditions and everything else, the initial estimate was sometime in September.

We hope the owners can successfully bring their vision of a smoothie cafe to Salem.