Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sky Market and Butcher Shop Is On The Way To Nashua

NH Reviews spends a lot of our time in Nashua with family in the area and that brings us on Main Street frequently.  We were driving around and recently noticed brown paper on the windows at the old Collins Flowers space at 9 Main Street in Nashua.  There was something going on in terms of a renovation and we had no idea on what this would be until now.

According to a couple of contacts,  a grocery store is opening in the space under the name Sky Market & Butcher Shop. They will offer American, Brazilian, and Spanish items along with meats for sale.

It is our understanding that the owner needs to have the design plans approved by the City of Nashua.  Until that happens,  the opening date is unknown.   We wish them luck with the development process as they move forward with the project.

As long as we can remember, Collins Flowers had been in that space and then it all ended.   The location has pluses and minuses from our point of view.  Visibility is decent because a high number of cars pass by and are going to see any store.  Parking is a concern with some on-street available.