Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Northridge Surgical Suites To Open Instead Of Restaurant On Innovative Way In Nashua

You have probably seen the big electronic billboard sign advertising a restaurant space for sale at Gateway Hills just before Exit 1 driving south on Route 3 in Nashua.  It had been there for a very long time but the search for a tenant appears to finally be over although not in the way we had hoped.

According to our sources,  Northridge Surgical Suites is opening in the space.  NH Reviews thought something other than a restaurant might be going in because the most recent construction inside looked more like office space than a kitchen or dining room.

Perhaps this is all for the best.  Although we are disappointed that a restaurant is not going in here, this would have been a difficult spot to find customers.   Located off of Spit Brook Road, 41 Innovative Way is behind a shopping area and near the entrance to Gateway Hills. Would anyone know that they were there?  Unless you lived or worked in the area probably not.   Then there would have been major marketing costs just to drive patrons through the doors.

Northridge Surgical Suites is hoping to open in December.