Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Restaurants In The Sky At Bretton Woods New On Mountain Venue

In my youth more time was spent in the White Mountains hiking, camping, and relaxing in the deep woods.  In fact, I even hiked up Mount Washington once.  Those days are long gone but the spectacular views will never be forgotten which bring us to the present day and the new "on the mountain" venue at Bretton Woods. 

The large scale project has been in the works for years and construction is underway with their new gondola slated to start carrying passengers later this year.    At the top of the gondola is where you will find their new summit restaurants.

We call these restaurants in the sky because our imagination pictures that type of view.   There are two dining establishments planned along with a coffee shop and bar.   The second level is available for weddings after a change over to an event space.   The perimeter appears to have windows throughout maximizing your ability to see in the distance. 

They are hoping to open in the summer of next year.   A definite must-do for 2020 is to take a ride on their gondola and check out their new summit restaurants.