Thursday, October 3, 2019

Blue Harbor Coffee To Open In Hampton

Good news for java fanatics in Hampton,  Blue Harbor Coffee is on the way.

July 11th was a big day in the life of Blue Harbor Coffee.  It was on that day that the owners signed a lease for their new digs at 446 Lafayette Road. Since then,  they have been working to bring the business to life.

An important part of their journey is to ensure that the coffee is fresh.  No stale beans here because on July 30th from Nevada they received shipment on a key piece of equipment, a San Franciscan Roaster.  Perfect for small batches,  get ready for something special.

Although coffee is the focus they are going to offer a lot more.  In addition, expect to find teas along with pastries including donuts, cookies, muffins, and cakes.

Who among us doesn’t remember taking the first sip of awful coffee? Lukewarm with no flavor and knowing that it must have sat all day.  Blue Harbor will help you forget those bad mornings.

On timing, they are finishing up renovations and hope to open in October. In terms of location, they are downtown just up from The Old Salt on Route 1 close to the gazebo.