Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tomahawk Tavern Coming Soon To Merrimack

NH Reviews had heard that there might be another new restaurant on the way in Merrimack. Well, according to our sources the rumors appear to be true because the Tomahawk Tavern is opening soon. 

For anyone who lives in the area,  you may be familiar with Frank’s Place that has been closed for a long time.  Formerly located at 454 DW Highway, Units I & J,  this is where Tomahawk Tavern is setting up their new establishment. 

It is our understanding that the left side will be a deli and butcher shop starting service in about a month.  The right side is for the tavern that they hope to have open in a couple of months. 

The space is a bit tricky to find.  Look for the CVS Pharmacy and a traffic light and you are in the right place.  Turn here and go all the way to the end and they are in the last two slots on the left next to Brown’s Village Depot at Connell’s Shopping Plaza. 

We took a ride over to check it out and there is definitely a renovation underway.  There was not much to see because paper covers the windows. 

NH Reviews wishes them well with their new business.  Hopefully, we can visit once the restaurant is completed.