Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You will become a regular at the D.W. Diner in Merrimack

The first time we went to what is now the D.W. Diner several years ago it was nothing more than a small rectangular restaurant with a few tables inside. Boy, have times changed. At some point, not sure on the exact date a renovation occured and the space was not only enlarged but prettied up with a fresh decor. As time went on and word got out it just got busier and the waits longer so you guessed it, another expansion. This time, a second room was added, more tables and booths along with ice cream. Okay so the ice cream didn't work out but I have to give the owner credit for trying some new things and especially expanding which has really been a benefit for his customers. Although still very busy the waits aren't nearly as long. So yes, we really like the D.W. Diner, Number 6 on our top breakfast haunts in New Hampshire.

We arrived on a recent weekend to the usual packed restaurant and after a few minutes were seated at a booth in the back. Our waitress came by and we ordered a couple of drinks and looked over their menu that includes the traditional New England breakfast favorites such as French toast, pancakes, sandwiches and eggs benedict. After a quick review my selection was their family scramble with bacon substituted for the ham along with their hash browns.

This was a scrumptious mixture of scrambled eggs, onions, peppers and bacon covered with melted cheese. The hash browns have a crunchy texture and are the best we have found in New Hampshire.

My wife chose an omelet with hash inside and the same hash browns.

This was okay, she was a little disappointed that the hash was not well done inside the omelet as requested.

The service is always good here and today was no different.

So there you have it, an owner who isn't afraid to make changes and take risks along with good food and service make the D.W. Diner a restaurant that you should add to your regular breakfast stops.

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