Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The food is great on this Lobster Boat in Litchfield

The Lobster Boat Restaurant is one of those places that we have been aware of for a while because my mother and father in law have eaten here but the timing never worked out until recently. When we were in Litchfield for a end of the school year event for our nephew, we stopped in to sample the goods.

This is a quirky no frills place located in a small mall on Derry Road in Litchfield. For those not familiar with the area, it’s right between Londonderry and Hudson.

They have booths inside along with some outdoor seating and a small bar. Very basic d├ęcor that works for this restaurant.

Our waitress came by a little while later and we ordered up a couple of drinks and perused the menu. If you like seafood you will find most of your favorites here. Since it is summer after all and bathing suit season and you are trying to eat more healthy, you can order baked seafood in addition to the typical fried offerings. They also have steamers, sandwiches, chowder, bisque, burgers, salads, pasta and a variety of seafood risotto's.

For my part, I selected their fried haddock and onion rings.

The rings had a nice crunch and in my opinion just the right amount of batter. The fish was tender and delicious.

My wife chose the same onion rings but with clam strips:

She liked the rings although she thought they had a little too much batter. The strips were a decent sized portion and she enjoyed these very much.

Our server was nice and professional.

So there you have it, we enjoyed our first visit to the Lobster Boat Restaurant and we think you will too! By the way, they have three other locations, one in Exeter, Merrimack and another in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.

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