Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boat and Road Trip to the Mohegan Cafe & Brewery on Block Island, RI

As many of you know, my wife and I have been just about every place in New England during our search for the best foods. One spot that my wife has visited and I have not is Block Island. This small island off the coast of Rhode Island doesn't get the massive crowds like the other nearby islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket but still offers a lovely escape. Since this is one of the last bastions of uncharted territory in New England for me it was a no brainer that we head over. So, it is time for our first combined boat and road trip.

We started out our planning by checking the ferry schedule and targeted the one that left Point Judith, RI at 11:45 am. This was no easy task because we first had to drive over 2 and a 1/2 hours from Concord, NH to make sure we got their on-time to catch the boat. Needless to say we arrived in the nick of time and quickly bought a couple of round trip tickets. After a leisurely hour long ride over on the ferry and taking a few minutes to get our land legs back we started to walk around.

My wife remembered that there were many shops and she was right as we spent the first half hour shopping. Then we started to get hungry and of course my mind started thinking about where to have lunch. Per usual, I asked some of the locals and they all agreed that the food is excellent at the Mohegan Cafe & Brewery. The restaurant is easy to find right on Water Street (across from where the ferries dock). As we arrived a couple walking out said "It's really good, we've been coming here for years" and they were correct.

Immediately upon entering the restaurant I thought this is my kind of place. Friendly staff and relaxing music in the background along with a beautiful view of the ocean.

We began with their potato skins with cheese and bacon.

Then a Beef Burrito, amazing!

This was filled with vegetables and hamburger along with chili and was out of this world. The salsa shown in front was one of the best I have ever had. Not too spicy and so fresh.

Steak & Cheese

A great selection since the cheese to steak ratio was perfect.  My wife passed on the french fries and opted for the cole slaw and she was pleased.

According to our waitress the restaurant is open until sometime around Columbus Day so you still have plenty of time for a visit.

Looking for something to do. For dare devils there is para sailing and wave running. You will also find beaches along with bikes and mopeds if you want to explore more of the island.

We ended up getting home very late and you might be wondering. Was it all worth it? Absolutely, this is a wonderful destination that has everything you need for a relaxing day trip or vacation.

How far it is to Block Island and the Mohegan Cafe? Click on the link below to find out.

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