Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Get your Christmas Cookies at Crosby's Bakery in Nashua

Thinking back to my childhood I remember visiting my grandparent’s house during the holidays and the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the air. These came in all shapes and sizes and I ate them until I couldn’t possibly take another bite. This is something that I looked forward to year after year and it may come as no surprise that nothing has changed today. Those days are long gone but I still want those same warm feelings I got back then. The question is where to go now for these illustrious treats if we prefer to have someone else do the cooking? My top pick is Crosby’s Bakery in Nashua for their Christmas Rum Cookies.

Like most of my favorite places for baked goods my mother in law and wife are at the forefront and have a knack for finding the best around. They can sniff out a bakery in an instant and if the team sees one that looks promising chances are good a stop is in order. At most family events you will find a bounty of desserts from cookies, cakes, and brownies. During Christmas time, Crosby’s Rum Cookies are always on the menu.

Sold in small bags of six we usually load up during the holiday season. These gems have little specks of red and green colored sugar sprinkled on top. They are soft to chew with a slight rum and sweet flavor. This is what makes them so good. Small enough so you don’t feel full on a couple but they leave you wanting more.

Crosby's has been making them for many years and now you can enjoy them too but you will have to stop by their store in Nashua. Remember to bring some cash because they don’t take credit cards. Hopefully this will bring you back to your childhood like it did for me and all the good feelings and memories that return. You can even start your own family cookie tradition.
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