Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Success continues for Webber Group with The Bancroft, Burlington, MA

The area surrounding the Burlington Mall has been in need of new restaurants for a long time. Other than what you would find in the mall when you looked nearby all you found was the woeful Tavern in the Square and not much else. For those familiar with the area you know how busy it is and high time for some new restaurant options. If you read our blog on a regular basis, you might recall that a favorite of ours is the Gibbett Hill Gill in Groton owned by the Webber Restaurant Group. When we found out that they were opening a new steak house, The Bancroft we knew we had to check it out. With my wife’s birthday on the horizon I made a reservation.

When visiting a chop house we always look for a couple of things when making our evaluation. Obviously the quality of the meat is of the highest priority. We also think they should be able to make a decent martini and it doesn't hurt if the desserts are top notch either. Naturally, the service should be exemplary. We arrived a bit before our reservation so we decided to head to the bar and have a cocktail to begin our evening. The bartenders were very professional and we enjoyed looking around the restaurant to get a sense of the vibe. As with most steak places, there is an abundance of dark wood but the lighting accents give it a more modern feel.

We started with a tray of their rolls. Slathered in what looked like sea salt these were nicely browned on the outside with a soft fluffy texture on the inside.

Next we decided to try one of their crab cakes:

Our waiter had recommended this as one of the best he had ever had. Very nicely presented we enjoyed this very much; however, I think it was oversold at $17 for one cake.

Now for something healthy at least for one of us we chose a couple of salads. My selection was the wedge not so healthy!

This was decent but I thought the portion was a bit small and I would have loved more bacon. To be fair this was labeled "baby" so it did fit what the menu described. How about a jumbo size Bancroft?

The birthday girl chose the salt roasted beet salad with pistachios.

She loved them as they were topped with a honey glaze. The onions really complimented the flavors in this selection.

And now...drum role please.... or entree selections:

I have been on a pork frenzy lately. So much so that I agree with the pork producers of America that yes it is the forgotten white meat. Why won't more people eat or try pork? Delicious whether it be as a pork roast or a ham. Anyway, when I noticed the Kurobuta Pork Chop under the entrees section I was sold.

This satisfied my pork craving. There was a little too much fat on the outer edge that I would recommend trimming.

My wife per usual had the filet:

Her steak was cooked medium as requested. Each steak comes with a sauce and she chose the horseradish which went very well with the meat. She was not disappointed. We also ordered the sweet potato gratin to share. The potatoes were baked with aged cheddar and thyme. It was something different than the standard mashed potatoes.

And finally a couple of fabulous deserts.

I got the fruit tart with apples and mixed berries.

And my wife had the chocolate cake. They included a candle in honor of her birthday.

And with that we can say that the Webber Group can add another successful restaurant to their list. Yes, there are some areas for improvement but overall we think you will be pleased with The Bancroft.