Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not enough at the table for Silvertone

During a trip to Boston, we decided to take a walk over to Silvertone, near the Common. Known for their comfort foods and dive bar feel, you will certainly find all of that here.

We arrived and headed downstairs into the dark depths trying to figure out the place. They are one floor down from street level. There is a common feeling for most new customers at a restaurant who are looking for direction from anyone. After a few minutes of confusion one of the waiters came over and mentioned that there was room at the bar but that wasn't our preference and we asked to wait for a booth. The feeling was almost like he didn't want to wait on us, what did we do wrong? I hope that this person was just having a bad day but he was not very friendly upon greeting. He wasn't even our waiter for the meal and continued to appear agitated throughout and slammed a cupboard door at one point. Regretfully our experience started out a real downer and gave a poor impression of the place almost immediately.
Moving on the main reason we decided to visit Silvertone was for the food. We love comfort foods and after having previously looked at their menu that was all I needed to see. They seemed to have it all, mac n cheese, sheppard’s pie, chicken wings and pork chops are a few of the choices.
I began with the steak sandwich:

This was served with a lemon zest mayo along with onion rings. The beef was nice and tender and rings had a crunchy oily texture. All worked perfectly together for an enjoyable meal.
My wife chose the mac n cheese with peas. This also arrived with a small side salad.

Everyone raves about this dish and she had high expectations. I knew immediately when she took her first bite that she wasn’t happy. The flavor was ok – truly nothing special – and she wished that she had chosen a different dish.
Our waiter during the meal was decent but again not very friendly. I didn't dare ask what he would recommend because of what had happened before.
Overall Silvertone was a disappointment for us. We couldn't recommend a place that treats customers so rudely and especially any tourists. Yes, the food was okay but not to the level of grandness that we expected and certainly not enough for anyone to deal with the poor service.




69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA  02108