Tuesday, October 31, 2017

With Billy Wong How Can You Go Wrong At Aloha

Billy Wong, owner at the Aloha Restaurant in Manchester is a ray of sunshine. A bright beacon who does all he can to keep his customers happy.

My first experience with Billy happened a couple of years ago while we were waiting for a table. This older gentlemen grinning from ear to ear coming straight towards us in the lobby holding two cokes and offering them up so my wife and I had something to sip on in the meantime. This was that something extra special that Mr. Wong brings to his customers.

My wife tells me that when she was a kid Billy would always bring over a Shirley Temple. Even many years later when she would visit with her parents and wasn’t a child anymore the same drink would arrive. No money requested, just something Billy believed was the right thing to do.

The beginning of your meal is handled totally different here. I call this the Billy effect. They start you out with rolls and this is not common in Chinese restaurants. We do love our carbs so bring them on. Aloha also serves you a small complimentary appetizer and ours was the crab rangoon.

On to the main entree event, one of their combination dinners. Chicken wings browned with a nice crispy skin and plump for those who are really hungry. Then beef strips that had a strong teriyaki flavor and were cooked to the proper tenderness. Chicken tenders were next, large chunks covered by very little breading. And finally a large serving of pork rice loaded with meat.

As with any restaurants there’s always room for improvement. The interior which has old Asian inspired motifs could use a refresh. Additionally, the Aloha is in a falling apart old outdoor mall and although there is a Hannaford they have many empty storefronts. And the waitstaff needs to focus on the details like Billy which means keeping water glasses full when they start getting empty.

With Billy Wong how can you go wrong at the Aloha? Dale Carnegie always said the secret to making someone happy is to smile. Billy has that down to a science that you can see for yourself. He has been traveling but will be back in November and for the holidays.


901 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH. 03104