Thursday, November 2, 2017

Celebrations Kitchen In Manchester Is Closed For Renovations

Celebrations Kitchen on Second Street in Manchester has closed their restaurant for renovations. There is no estimated time to continue business operations.

The company is planning to focus on their growing catering business.  To that end, the space may be turned into offices instead of the restaurant similar to what it was before but no decisions have been made.

Although we had passed by Celebrations Kitchen several times stopping in was not on our radar. There never seemed to be very many cars in the parking lot and that is something NH Reviews always looks for when thinking about places to eat. Their location didn’t help them either at the top of a hill where they were not easily recognized from the road. Additionally, my wife and I prefer table service and this was not an option.

Celebrations Catering offers several menus for just about any event. This includes buffets and weddings along with corporate functions. They can customize based on your preferences.

Celebrations Catering, Inc

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