Monday, March 12, 2018

Tutti Frutti is closing in Concord

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Concord has announced that they are closing at the Steeplegate Mall.

The economy and slow business at the mall were key reasons mentioned for the closure. Their last official day is Sunday, March 18th with the doors closed on March 19th. There was a notice posted shown below including details on their loyalty program and gift cards.

In a sign of the times, this is most likely only the beginning of a painful process of stores going out of business not only at the Steeplegate but across America at other malls. Bon-Ton will be next in April and in our opinion there will be many more. With the advent of online shopping, the trend is down not up for customer visits.

The other problem for Tutti Frutti was frozen yogurt that was hot just a few years ago has become much less so now. There was an Orange Leaf or TCBY opening seemingly every week in the state until a saturation point was reached. We are not saying that it is not still popular just too much of a good thing.