Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Don Ramon Finds Success At Old Wendy’s In Merrimack

For our Cinco de Mayo celebration this year, NH Reviews decided to try Don Ramon in Merrimack.  Back in late 2017,  we had announced they were opening and figured it was time to visit the restaurant. 

No surprise, the place was buzzing upon arrival with even some hardy revilers who were dining outside on a cool day.  Decorations could be seen everywhere inside and out trying to help engage us in a celebratory mood.  

The space has been transformed and handled smartly from what was a former Wendy’s. Their dining room has booths lining the outer rim with many tables inside.  A small bar is visible near the entrance and pictures of Mexican scenes hang on the walls.  

After warm tortilla chips and salsa were brought out for our munching pleasure,  we ordered a couple of margaritas. You can purchase these at different levels with the better tequila being more expensive.  Go with a higher priced option that contains a quality brand such as Patron where the improved taste is worth the extra money. 

To begin, NH Reviews selected ceviche which is cooked shrimp combined with chopped onions,  cilantro, tomatoes, cucumbers, freshly squeezed lime, and salt that is accompanied by either tostadas or saltine crackers.  Served in a martini glass, this was a nice light fresh mix of ingredients. 

Next, we picked a couple of entrees from their large menu.  The grilled steak and shrimp was first up.  The seafood was okay but the beef had a significant amount of fat that was not our preference and we let the server know of our disappointment.  A Popeyes Chicken was requested as a replacement.  Grilled chicken breast is covered in spinach and melted cheese.  Although this was an improvement the dish was a bit too salty. The other selection was a fajita burrito filled with beef and to their credit, the steak was not tough.  This was served with rice and beans.

Overall we enjoyed our visit to Don Ramon. They have successfully replaced the old Wendy’s with a decent Mexican restaurant.

You can find Don Ramon at 6 Whitney Street in Merrimack, phone (603)420-8468.