Friday, October 4, 2019

Texas Tacos Is On The Way To Nashua

On our travels around Nashua, something has definitely been missing in the dining scene. Where are all the food trucks?   Any city worth its salt needs a few good ones and I can’t recall seeing any.  A new business is going to try and change that under the name Texas Tacos.

They are just getting started with the business.  It is our understanding that their Mexican taco street style food trailer will focus on 100 percent authentic cuisine.  

Perhaps they would like some advice from NH Reviews.   Looking at the success of others doing something similar is a good place to start and with tacos, nobody does it better than B’s in Londonderry.  All fresh ingredients including making their own shells have made them one of the best.  Texas Tacos needs to come up with their own concept and spin but reviewing the process used by another dining establishment can only help.

Maybe this is only the beginning of many more food trucks in the Nashua area.   Hopefully, Texas Tacos is starting a trend that is definitely needed.

We dug up their Facebook Page for anyone who wants to follow their progress.  They hope to start service in about a month and plan to be open early in the morning and late at night.  Look for Texas Tacos around town in Nashua.  NH Reviews wishes them the very best with their new business.  

PS: Don't forget that today is National Taco Day, be sure to go out and have at least one.