Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where to eat near Fenway Park?

It is that time of year again and on Friday, April 4th the Red Sox will open the season at home on the quest for another World Series Championship. From early in our dating days (many years ago), my wife and I have attended many games at Fenway. This combines two of my greatest loves in life (after my wife, of course) food and sports. There is nothing like seeing a game here but for those visiting from out of state one of the most common questions we hear is: Where should we go to eat near Fenway Park?

One of the problems with dining near the park is that for those looking for convenience there is no shortage of dive bars right around Fenway. Unsuspecting travelers who go to the first place they see that is closest to the park are typically in for a disappointing experience. One of the most often asked about is the Cask n Flagon. While you can’t beat their location, we think you should skip it. Way back when we were lulled into the lure of this bar but we soon realized that there was little more than their great location and outside tables. The food was mediocre and the seating almost laughable as it was basically a free for all. If you were lucky enough to get a seat, you often had people standing right next to your table. I’m sure more than a few people have been elbowed over the years as they try to eat their meals. There is also Remy's which I wrote about last year and many others.

So we have learned our lesson and now look for the restaurants that have air conditioning (we like to be comfortable) and good food. For us, Eastern Standard fits the bill. Right down the street from Fenway (on Commonwealth Ave), they have indoor air conditioned dining, a long bar and outdoor seating. We enjoy something simple before a game like their basic burger and fries:

Although the bartenders here can be a bit pretentious they are professional and know how to make a drink.

We also recommend Atlantic Fish on Boylston Street, you will have to walk a little bit further for this one. What's that you say, go fishing? But wait, this is a baseball game and you want us to eat fish. It’s quite good and there are options for landlubbers.

If you have your heart set on a bar we are especially partial to Irish Pubs and suggest McGreevy's also on Boylston.

So there you have it, although a short list we think your chances of an enjoyable dining experience will increase substantially as it is for the Red Sox winning another World Series.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue

761 Boylston Street

911 Boylston Street