Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Year In Review 2017

With 2017 almost over we thought this would be a good time to reflect on some of the highs and lows over the last year.

For us, our website focused more on news and less on reviews of restaurants. Thinking that our readers like hearing about what is going on in the dining out world. What will 2018 bring? Only time will tell. Now, let’s take a quick look back.
  1. Best Restaurant. Railpenny Tavern, Epping, NH. Not expecting much NH Reviews was blown away during our visit in July. They exceeded our expectations in all areas
  2. Most Popular Post. Noodles and Pearls on the way in Concord. The world went bananas when we made an announcement about this new ramen and bubble tea haunt in Concord.
  3. Biggest Disappointment. Dixie Blues Restaurant and Bar. This was supposed to be the next great Manchester restaurant that never happened. The estimates were for an opening in the fall of 2016. We were very excited as everyone else was to try a new place focused on southern cuisine. Days turned into months with no update or Dixie in sight.
  4. Worst Restaurant. Pub Grainery, Nashua. Hoping this might be a hidden gem, we stopped in for a bite. Sadly, this is one that NH Reviews should have skipped.
  5. Weirdest Occurrence. Car runs into sign at Beefside in Concord. The owner must have done a double take when he came into work one day earlier this year and saw their famous beloved sign on the ground after a car rammed into the post. The sign has since been repaired.
  6. Trend to end. Farm to Table. This has had a good run but reached the point of saturation. It seems like every other week there was another of this style of restaurant popping up.
  7. Strangest charge. Has anyone ever heard of a grilling fee? There is a $.50 extra charge if you want to get your bagel grilled at Bagel Cafe in Bedford. We love this place but come on, seriously?
  8. Saddest restaurant closure. The High Street Farmhouse in Goffstown. NH Reviews was a regular here and very sorry to see them go.
  9. Worst guest habit. Eating with mouth wide open. Over the summer we were enjoying a mid-day day at a café when a lady next to us (she was way too close actually) started talking with her mouth full of her sandwich. Bits flying out not even realizing what was happening never mind the site of half eaten food as she spoke. Please, help me!
  10. Nicest Post. Lucky’s Coffee Garage in Lebanon. It doesn’t get better than this story about owner, Deb Shinnlinger who had a dream of opening her own coffee shop. She started a Kickstarter campaign, bought an auto repair shop and worked to turn it into Lucky’s.
Happy New Year!